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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is a process of removing dust particles and debris from the dryer vent and the dust particles are present in both filters and dryer vents. The clogged vents reduce the efficiency of the dryer vent. In Canada, all North American-style clothes dryers should be clean. A qualified appliance technician must do the cleaning. The Government of Ontario recommends cleaning dust every year. It should remove lint from the rotating drum. The lint will build in other areas also. It is also true that a loose wire could cause a spark inside the clothes dryer. The time frame for this service would depend on many factors. If your dryer duct is not 4 inches round, the lint may not flow as well as it should.

Dryer vent cleaning

Signs of dangerous dryer and venting system

You should pay attention to the following dangerous signs of dryer vents.
● A longer time of drying: If you have used the dryer hours before and the clothes are still not dry. It is a sign that your dryer vent needs service.
● Wet Clothes: After using the dryer vent system, if the clothes are still wet, your vent is not working.
● Hot Clothes: If you touch your clothes and they seem hot, you probably need to do dryer vent cleaning.
● The outer side of the dryer is hot: During the dryer or after using the dryer, if the outer side of the dryer is hot, then your dryer needs service.
● Low exhaust velocity: If the outer side of the vent is not opening fully, then your dryer vent exhaust velocity is low. It needs cleaning with the proper tools.
● Humid and Burnt Smell: When you are experiencing an unusually humid laundry or a burning smell. This burning smell could be very disturbing. Then, you should ask someone to clean my dryer vent.

Why do we need dryer vent cleaning?

Where is the dryer vent system located? Do you have any ideas? Most people think cleaning the lint is where they clear the dry vent. Some other people believe it is the connecting hose that they should clean. In reality, the dryer vent system starts from the hose of your dryer and continues to the exterior of your home. It includes passing the duct through the walls. It is a delicate system that is not easy to clean manually. So, what is the solution?
Here is the solution for residential dryer vent cleaning! Cora Duct Cleaning Services. We provide professional dryer vent cleaning. We cover every nook of the vent system and clear the dust from inside and outside of the hose. We have high-tech equipment to clean the ducts. We ensure you will get vents bacteria and dust-free.

Why do we need dryer vent cleaning?
Dryer vent cleaning

Our Cleaning Process:

We have a very simple and organized dryer duct cleaning service process. Our cleaning process consists of:
● An inspection team will first examine the dryer vents and hose closely.
● After inspection, the team will give you a quote and timeline for the cleaning.
● The team will clean the dryer vent system from inside and outside to the outside of the home.
● The team will recheck the cleaning before finalizing our work to ensure everything is clean and dust-free.

Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

● Less energy consumption: The dryer cleaner makes the vent efficient enough to dry the vent without consuming energy.
● Reduce drying time: The clear vent of the dryers makes it easier for the dryer vent to dry the clothes quickly.
● Low maintenance: The dryer cleaning service makes the dryer fewer efforts required. It doesn’t need more time and energy from you after the services.

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