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Sanitizing is the process to clean the ducts from bacteria and germs. There are multiple purposes for air ducts in your home. People are not aware that these air ducts are busy pathways. Air ducts need regular cleaning and maintenance. On average, people cook almost daily at their homes. The kitchen exhaust filters the fumes of the cooking. The oil grease starts depositing on the HVAC system’s surface and pollutes the air ducts. The efficiency of the HVAC system is compromised because of greasy air ducts. After some time, the dirty air ducts start smelling due to fumes deposited in the air ducts. Sanitization of the air ducts will extinguish the smell. The sanitizing process removes all the dirt and grease from the surface of air ducts.

When do we need residential sanitization? ​

When do we need residential sanitization?

If you find dirt or dust in your exhaust pipes, you will need a deep cleaning of your HVAC system. Deep cleaning involves cleaning the services and sanitizing the high and soft areas. The busy areas of the home such as washrooms, air ducts, vents, air conditions, and heating systems need more attention for sanitization. If these areas are left without sanitization, the overall hygiene of the home will compromise. Deep cleaning and disinfecting services allow you to have a peaceful home environment without the hustle of cleaning everything manually.

Importance of residential sanitizing services

There are quite a few reasons why HVAC system cleaning is necessary. Some of them are:
1. If the air ducts of the HVAC system or kitchen exhaust are not clean, the overall ventilation system will affect. 
2. It will require more time and energy to vent the air. The consumption of more energy will cost you more in terms of money and utility bills. 
3. Home cleaning is incomplete if the surfaces are not properly sanitized. Residential sanitization improves your home health and safety
4. If the home is disinfected by professional sanitization service providers risk of getting viruses and infections will minimize. 
5. Properly sanitized homes have fewer chances of having flies and bugs. 

Importance of residential sanitizing services​
What are Home Sanitization services? ​

The services in which the providers disinfect the house with safe chemicals. This process requires a little time to clean and spray the chemicals on the surfaces. The process cleans the dirt and kills the germs. Our disinfecting services are 100% guaranteed. Want to know a reliable sanitization service in Canada? Explore the sanitization services of Cora Duct Cleaning!

Why is Cora Duct Cleaning Sanitization reliable?

Whether you are living in a small apartment or a large home, Cora Duct Cleaning can sanitize your air ducts. We provide disinfectant services on both soft surfaces and high-touch areas. Get a peaceful clean environment in your home by taking our services. We have powerful disinfectants that will sanitize the surface of your air ducts and make them pure. The cleaning process is super fast and reliable. We take all safety precautions for cleaning before we start our work. After finishing our cleaning, our team checks the performance of the air ducts. 

Why is Core Duct Cleaning Sanitization reliable?
Approved Cleaning products ​

Approved Cleaning products

We are using only trusted and authentic cleaning solutions for our sanitization. Our disinfectants are approved by the Canadian Health organization. We are using products that kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. These products are entirely safe in Canada. The products that we are using for sanitization are tested in laboratories. We are following the following Canadian sanitization guidelines:
1. The cleaning products must remove germs, impurities, and dirt particles from the surface.
2. The cleaning products must remove the germs and minimize the risk of spreading infections.
3. The sanitizing product must be safe for adults’ and children’s health. It doesn’t contain toxic chemicals or fumes.

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