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Furnace and AC Cleaning

Have you ever noticed why your electricity bills are high? There might be low usage of ac but a higher bill every month. The reason behind this higher energy consumption might be furnace and ac maintenance. Your furnace and ac need cleaning twice a year. If you are living in colder areas of Canada, then, the need furnace cleaning is essential for your heating system.

Why is furnace cleaning & Ac cleaning essential?

When dirt is in the air filters of your heating and cooling system, it blocks the flow of the heat exchanger. This blocking of filters results in longer running cycles of the furnace. When the dirt covers the heat exchanger, it won’t absorb heat properly. It makes the efficiency of your heating system low. With efficient heat exchangers, you will feel uncomfortable living in your home. The chances of heating and cooling system damage will increase if the filters and coils are not clean.

bills are high
Warning Signs of Blocked heating system ​

Warning Signs of Blocked heating system

Why us?

Cora Duct Cleaning offers professional furnace cleaning and ac cleaning services. We have advanced cleaning methods that will improve your cooling and heating system. Our high-technology equipment cleans the blower blades of the heating and cooling system. We access the coils of AC from top to bottom for cleaning. We have a powder cleaning method that ensures deep cleaning of coils. In Canada, the weather is extremely cold. So, customers want to have a well-maintained furnace system. We make sure they get satisfactory services from us. We have a robust and skilled team capable of cleaning huge heating and cooling systems within a day.

Process of cleaning furnace & AC ​

Benefits of AC and furnace cleaning services

There are many benefits of taking home furnace cleaning service and Ac cleaning service.
1. After cleaning, the systems will take lesser time to cool and heat the home.
2. The overall energy consumption will minimize.
3. The efforts of maintaining the cleaning of the AC and furnace will minimize.
4. The life of the Ac and furnace will increase because of the proper cleaning of coils

Process of cleaning furnace & AC ​

Process of cleaning furnace and AC

Our process of cleaning the furnace is dedicated and organized. We first send our inspection team to inspect the condition of the furnace and AC. After the inspection, we define the timeline of our work. The cleaning might be done in a single day or it will take more days to clean. We ensure the coils of ac are free from dust particles, hairs, and other clogging material.

Benefits of ac and furnace cleaning services ​

So, if you are looking for all seasons furnace and duct cleaning, then Contact us! At Cora Duct Cleaning we care about the health of our valued customers. In Canada, the issue of pollen and dust allergies is increasing day by day. It is important to clean the environment of the home. Cora Duct Cleaning makes sure that we provide you with completely healthy and safe cleaning services.
Our primary aim to establish professional cleaning services is to provide quality and hygienic cleaning services. We focus on following the standards and protocols of cleaning. We want to give our customers the best cleaning services of cleaning. We have several unique cleaning techniques that will clean the systems properly. So, if you want to clean your furnace and Ac properly, call us now! Make the first step to greater success. See why we’re known for making the process simple and stress-free.

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