Process for washing furnace filter​

Furnace Filter Cleaning and Replacing

What are Furnace filters?

We also provide complete furnace filter cleaning and replacing service. A furnace filter allows the HVAC system to remove dirt and dust from the air. There are some powerful filters inside the furnace of your HVAC. The furnace filter removes danders and dust from the air and makes it clean.
Change the filter if:
1. If your filters are not clean, the furnace will overheat when you touch the outer surface. When the filters are not clean or not working correctly, the HVAC system gets overheated.
2. The air quality is poor even after the HVAC system is on. If you feel like the quality of air in your home is not good enough, look for your furnace filters.
3. The HVAC system consumes a lot of energy and increases your bill units. If the filters are not working correctly, the overall performance of the HVAC system will compromise. It will increase your chances of getting more energy bills.

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Process for changing furnace filters​

Process for changing furnace filters

The procedure for changing the furnace filter is quite simple. 

● First, you will need to turn off the furnace. Give some time for the system to cool down.
● Look for the service panel, and when you find it, remove it.
● Slide the old filter out of the service panel.
● Place the new filter inside the service panel.
● Slide the panel back to the furnace.
● Turn on the furnace.

Process for washing furnace filter

The procedure of washing the furnace filter is also simple but time taking.
● Turn off the power of the furnace and allow it to cool down.
● Search for the service panel, and remove the filter from the panel.
● Clean it gently with water, detergents, and any harmless chemical. Make sure you are not using anything that can cause permanent damage to the furnace or furnace filter.
● Allow the filter to dry for some time.
● Slide the filter inside the furnace service panel.
● Turn on the furnace.
Finding it difficult to replace or wash your furnace filter? Cora air duct cleaning is there to help you. Explore the best furnace filter replacement service in Canada with us. We have affordable furnace filter washing services in Canada.

Process for washing furnace filter​

Why Us?

Cora air duct cleaning services have professional staff. Our expert team will first investigate your furnace filter condition. If they find no issue in your filter, they will wash it properly. If they will discover any issues with the filter, they will replace your furnace filters. 

They only suggest you the best furnace filter replacement or washing solution. We have good home furnace filters replacing services in Canada for you to clean your furnace filters. 

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Benefits of replacing/ washing your furnace filters

There are many benefits of replacing/ cleaning the filter of your furnace. Some of them are
1. Improve air quality: Replacing or cleaning the furnace filters regularly improve the air quality of your home. You will have pure air quality from your HVAC system.
2. Improve health: If you change or wash your furnace filters, you will have an improved overall health quality at home. Due to good air quality, the health of individuals will improve.
3. Reduce dirt from the air: Dirt, dust, and, dander make the filter dirty. The dirty furnace would not allow the filters to work efficiently. Replaced filters will improve the performance of cleaning.
4. Reduce utility bills: If the filters are not working properly, they will consume more time and energy. By replacing or washing the furnace filters, your expenses of utility bills will be minimal.
5. Low maintenance: If you take furnace filter replacement services and furnace filter washing services in Canada, then your maintaining it will minimize. You don’t have to wash filters daily. You can maintain and clean the replaced filter easily.

Benefits of replacing/ washing your furnace filters​
Benefits of replacing/ washing your furnace filters​

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